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My Pelle Story

After 30 years of experience in fashion, makeup and beauty industry – during which I worked with the most prestigious and popular brands in Israel and the world, I applied makeup and gave cosmetics advice to millions of women of all ages. I listened to their needs and understood their desires – I decided to establish a brand that symbolizes everything I believe in, a brand that is mine and all mine: the pelle brand. (pelle means wonder in the Hebrew language, and true to its name, our products are a wonder.)

Beauty comes from within, and this is not simply a slogan for me; it’s a way of life. Those who know and follow me can see that I lead a lifestyle filled with friends, trips and travelling, sport, frequent visits to the beach, and everything that makes me feel good about myself. I put aside the usual excuse: “I don’t have time” because, for me, it’s all a matter of priority. Feeling good and looking good is a choice we make.

“We will never look good – if we don’t believe we deserve to”

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